Jun 1, 2017

Ateca, Arona and…

#SEATseekingName for its new SUV

  • The brand is launching a participation project and vote to come up with a Spanish place name for the Ateca’s big brother
  • Proposals can be submitted from today; voting will begin when the finalists are announced in September, and the winning name will be revealed soon after
  • The new large SUV will reach dealers next year

Barcelona, 01/06/2017 – Today, SEAT has launched a project, #SEATseekingname, for members of the public to submit proposals and vote for the name of its new SUV with up to seven seats which goes on sale in 2018. The main criteria is that the name for the new model which sits one segment above Ateca, must be taken from Spanish geography.

Since the announcement last March of the launch of this new SUV, SEAT has already received proposals from all over Spain to name the new model. In light of the social stir it has caused, the brand has decided to seize the opportunity to launch this initiative for the first time in its history.

At the presentation of the project, SEAT President Luca de Meo explained that,“SEAT has decided to call upon every fan of the brand to propose and later vote on the name of the new SUV which is set to make history. In our efforts to launch #SEATseekingName, we have redefined the typical process in order to engage the public and followers of the brand all over the world in the project from start to finish”.

The initiative, which kicks off today, consists of four stages:

  1. Proposals for names. Beginning today and running until 22 June, anyone can propose their favourite name for SEAT’s new model. In addition to the Spanish geography criteria, SEAT has included, among others, that the name matches the company’s brand values and product characteristics and that it is easy to pronounce in different languages. Each of the proposals received will be taken into consideration during this stage, regardless of the number of participants that submit each proposal.
  2. Shortlisting of entries. In view of the established set of criteria, experts at SEAT and in naming will be involved in the pre-selection stage, as well as customers from different countries in the focus groups organised by the brand, and tests will be carried out in the markets to shortlist at least three names that will be voted on. The finalist names will be announced on 12 September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
  3. Vote for the finalists. Public voting will be open from 12 to 25 September to select the favourite candidate among the chosen finalists. The winner will be the one with the most votes.
  4. Announcement of the winning name. SEAT will reveal the name of the company’s new SUV by October 15th.

The initiative will take place internationally via the website seat.com/seekingname.

Since SEAT launched the Ronda in 1982, Spain’s geography has provided the name of a total of 13 brand models: Ronda, Ibiza, Malaga, Marbella, Toledo, Inca, Alhambra, Cordoba, Arosa, Leon, Altea and the two latest, Ateca and Arona. The new SUV will be number 14 on the list.

The SEAT range continues to grow
The new model being launched by SEAT in 2018 will round off the brand’s SUV trio, following the successful Ateca and the Arona, which is going to make its debut in the second half of 2017. Together with the All-new Ibiza, which arrives in UK showrooms in July, and New Leon which arrived in February, SEAT will complete the largest product offensive in its history.

The extension and renewal of the range drove sales up by 14.5% in the first four months of the year and increased revenues by 20.2% in the first quarter of 2017, which reached a record figure of 2,487 million euros. In addition, and after obtaining the best results in its history in 2016, SEAT posted an operating profit in the first quarter of 2017 of 56 million euros, which was 4.1% higher compared with the same period the year before.


SEAT is the only company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets cars in Spain. A member of the Volkswagen Group, the multinational has its headquarters in Martorell (Barcelona), exporting 81% of its vehicles, and is present in over 80 countries through a network of 1,700 dealerships. In 2016, SEAT obtained an operating profit of 143 million euros, the highest in the history of the brand, and achieved worldwide sales of nearly 410,000 vehicles.

SEAT Group employs more than 14,500 professionals at its three production centres – Barcelona, El Prat de Llobregat and Martorell, where it manufactures the highly successful Ibiza and Leon. Additionally, the company produces the Ateca and the Toledo in the Czech Republic, the Alhambra in Portugal and the Mii in Slovakia. 

The multinational has a Technical Centre, which operates as a knowledge hub that brings together 1,000 engineers who are focussed on developing innovation for Spain’s largest industrial investor in R&D. SEAT already features the latest connectivity technology in its vehicle range and is currently engaged in the company’s global digitalisation process to promote the mobility of the future.

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