Mar 31, 2017

  • A powerful electron microscope like the ones used in state-of-the-art research centres helps to verify the quality of the materials used to make a vehicle
  • It is accurate down to the DNA of the car’s metals, plastics and paint 
  • This kind of analysis demonstrates for example, that paint can be made as fine as a strand of hair but as hard as a rock

Martorell 30/03/2017. – An electron microscope which can be found in the most advanced research centres in the world and in police series. This is the equipment used in SEAT’s Quality department to certify the quality and durability of materials. The following are some little-known facts about this technology, which is unique for its features and capabilities in the Spanish auto industry.

- Right down to the car’s DNA: The electron microscope is capable of operating at over x100,000 magnification, resolving down to the nanometer, meaning that it can be used to analyse the very DNA of the car.

- Thorough analysis of all materials: Any kind of material used on the car can be analysed under the microscope, such as metals, fabrics, plastics or paint. The purpose of these tests is to confirm that the parts contain no impurities that are impossible to detect with the naked eye and this extend the service life of parts. In addition, the paint on a car can be prevented from becoming dull over the years.

- As fine as a strand of hair, but as hard as a rock: In the case of paints, studies made using microscopy analyse the different coats of paint on the car (each less than 0.12 millimetres) to ensure that the body does not flake when hit by loose gravel.

- Harmonious colours: The studies also ensure that all the parts of the car have the same colour shade and that when fully assembled, they all go together in harmony. The perception of colour is somewhat subjective, but thanks to these scientific analyses, customers can verify themselves that bumpers, doors and bonnets all have exactly the same colour. -Under all kinds of light conditions: In addition, the light in the Mediterranean is not the same as in the north of Europe, nor is it the same anywhere at noon as at 6 in the evening. For this reason, these technologies certify that colours will always appear exactly how they were designed and will remain glossy and looking like new for longer periods.

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